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Some news...

Elena & Anton were supposed to skate in Katerina Witt's World Stars on Ice. They were in America where their passports got stolden. Elena always keeps the passports... so this means that she was robbed.

They were stuck here in America and couldn't skate in Germany because they have to wait for a passport.

On Skatefans... people were making fun of them... saying that they are bad luck magnet, (I agree this they may be.. when are they ever going to have good luck?!? :() they even questioned how smart Elena was...
"It's kind of like wondering what she was thinking
when she took medicine for a cold when she was at a competition,
without checking to see if it was legal). Does she seem more than
ordinarily hapless?"

"I still think this girl has suffered some brain damage (or maybe just
didn't start out too bright)."
Grr! I'm sorry but anyone who forgets their own language, learns it again, and learns English as well is not dumb!

How can someone say these things? Isn't that awful! To me they are the scum of the Earth. Kinda like Rosie O'Donnel.

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