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The new issue of Blades on Ice is there Dinamic Duos issue. They had a vote and Elena & Anton got the second highest amount of votes.

They are NOT even in the issue!

As for what Shae said... (No offence for you B&K fans... I didn't say what they said.)
Here is what Shae & Vic have to say about the second golds...
"Surprisingly, the decision to award a second set of gold medals did not seem to sit well with either Bourne or Kraatz. 'I personally have never seen (two people) cross the finish line at the same time,' said Kraatz.
Bourne took this a step further. 'I don't think there should have been two gold medals,' she said. 'If you're going to give it to them, then the others should have had silver. That's what I would've done.'
She recalled watching the pairs event from the Olympic Village. 'I understand why everyone was upset, and they should have been because I watched it that night too, and it was so, so obvious who was better.
'I would've given David and Jamie the gold, and silver to Elena (Berezhnaya) and Anton (Sikharulidze). I would've made the switch.
'If you're going to go all that way,' she said, pausing a moment, 'then do it all that way.'
But what about Berezhnaya and Sikharulidze? 'They would've known that night too they were second,' she said, her voice sincere. 'So it wouldn't have hurt them.'"
Really nice. :/

More news later... if anyone reads this. LMAO!

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