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B&S news..

Tomorrow is Kristy Y's show in Florida, they will be in that.

Here is a very STUPID article which says E&A have not skated in the US since the Olympics. Um hello... Sun Valley, and Alexei's show.

Tonight they were supposed to be on Connie Chung's show on CNN, maybe tomorrow? I hope! :D They probably won't get much time if any..

Question... why is it that B&S fans are always blammed for hating Jamie & David? I mean isn't it the other way around too? On the S&P Message Board it sure is. Grr..

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I love both of em...

And apparently S&P are supposed to be on Connie Chung too. Is it today? Cause yesterday was snipper stuff...

::checks cnn.com:: Hmm doesn't say anything, but here's the site

I love that you love both of them..

It's on tonight! I am so worried... if Connie treats them bad there will be an arse kicking by me. haha ;) Well at least I think it is on... :(

Liking one pair doesn't automatically mean hating the other!! Both pairs skated AWESOME programs at the Olympics... And yes, it is inconceivable that someone would publish an article with completely ficticious statements!!!

Also, as a side note: Anton was named one of the "Ten most beautiful people in figure skating 2003" by International Figure Skating magazine (Dec 2003 issue)! Congrats!!-- Only concern: Why wasn't Alexei in there?!?!