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How Lena & Anton are handling the controversy...

In America sorry to say but the only people in the middle are Jamie & David. Now I like Jamie and David but why are they the only ones in the middle?

Doesn't the media know that "The Russians" since they don't know their names are in the middle since the begining? I mean all they did was skate and well too. But yet they are constantly the bad guys the cheaters..

I'm just sick of it.

This is what I heard yesterday Elena & Anton skated for the Queen. They did very well and the Queen seems to love them. I can post some reviews if you would like.

Well the reporters hounded them at the airport. They are all over Russian tv. Elena has been hiding, but Anton I am told looks absolutely shocked! They also say he looks very sad and depressed. Poor Anton! :( :(

Here are some quotes...
"From my point of view it is impossible that just 1 man influenced the decision of several countries in connection with the marks on the olympic games. It is absolutely impossible! I am is depressed because I don't even know this guy and was shocked when he heard what are they talking about." -Anton Sikharulidze

"I never met the representatives of french federation, I never met the representatives of russian federation, I never met Taw? (the Russian mob guy). I don't know those people. There are millions of scandals. You can read the american press: there r a lot of scandals. But life still goes on. We did our job - we won a medal. And it was pleaded (aknowledged) by the whole world. There can be millions of these people, that can say everything they want. There are a lot of gossips."-A shocked Tamara Moskvina

Poor Anton, Elena, and Tamara. :(
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I feel exactly the same as you. (Except about Jamie and David, I lost a lot of respect for them at the Olympics, but that's not the point) Poor Lena and Anton!
Poor babies. We still love them though! :)